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Light Weight Prefabricated Steel Structure Metal Office Building

Standard GB
Brand Name ZS
Type Light
Color Customized
Flexible combination 360° flexable conbination, three floors is realizable.
Fast installation Adapted to different ground and can be installed by 4 people in 3 hours on average.
Customization Functions and decoration can be added according to demand.
Cyclicutilization Materials can be recycled.
Why choose steel structure buildings?
1. Cost SavingsPrice per square meter can be 25% lower than conventional buildings. Site erection cost is low because of faster erection times and easier process.2. Quality ControlDesigned and fabricated in-factory with strict quality control. The fabrication process includes design and engineering, as well as detailing and manufacturing at the factory.3. Quick ErectionAll steel components are fabricated at the factory and linked by bolts at the site. So the erection process is fast, step by step, easy to install.4. FlexibilitySteel buildings are flexible in any requirement of design, easy to expand in the future and also economically with low transportation costs.5. Energy EfficiencyNowadays, steel buildings are the green solution for the environment with CO2 reduction, energy efficiency, and recycle.How to build a steel building with Xinguangzheng?Each of Xinguangzheng's steel building is customized to meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency and international quality standards.