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light Weight China Prefabricated Steel Structure Office Building

Standard: GB
Brand Name: ZS
Type: Light
Color Customized
Flexible combination 360° flexable conbination, three floors is realizable.
Fast installation Adapted to different ground and can be installed by 4 people in 3 hours on average.
Customization Functions and decoration can be added according to demand.
Cyclicutilization Easy to disassemble and transport, can be recycled.
What is prefabricated steel structure building?
Steel structure building is built over three members connected to each other by bolts and screws:Primary members (columns, beams)Steel columns will be H section steel, square tube steel according to different type of buildings. Steel beams are usually H section steel.Secondary members (C or Z purlins, bracing...)Roof and wall sheeting or sandwich panel (EPS, fiberglass wool, PU sandwich panel)Other building components (Rolling doors, aluminium windows, etc.)The entire primary members and secondary members are designed and fully fabricated including cut-to-length, punching, drilling, welding and performing in the factory before shipping to the site for erection.At the site, all components are assembled and jointed via nut & bolt connections; thereby reducing the costs and assembly times.These buildings can be provided with different structural and non-structural additions such as ventilators, doors & windows, trusses, mezzanine floors, canopies, crane, insulation…, based on the customer's requirements.