The advantages of container houses

2019-09-03 10:27

1. Structure: It is composed of several units, such as steel structure system, ground system, wall system, roof system and so on. Modules are manufactured in the factory and assembled by modules on site, quick and easy to install.

2. Design: The container houses can introduce modern home elements and create personalized houses according to the needs. The assembly method of modules is selected, and other building decoration materials can also be attached to the outside of the house as maintenance structure or surface decoration. The houses can be longer, wider and higher, and can be assembled and stacked at will. The design is more reasonable.

3. Performance: seismic 8 level, wind resistance 0.60kN/, service life of more than 20 years. Good material, recyclable, economic and environmental protection, can be freely disassembled.

4. Foundation: A simple foundation is needed, which can be used as a bar or pier foundation. Some floors can even be placed directly on the ground without any treatment indoors.

5. Fast installation and short construction period: four workers can complete the installation of a single box within 3 hours. Of course, it also can be integrated, just connect water and electricity then it can be used.

6. Transportation: The container houses can be disassembled into plate packaging, suitable for sea and land transportation.

7. Application fields of container house: construction site, logistics park, municipal, commercial, oil and mining, tourism, exhibition, etc. Can be used for residential, office, storage, commercial operation, tourist attractions and so on. Improve comfort, meet the needs of life, upgrade grade.

8. Energy saving and environmental protection: Construction site does not produce many construction waste. After the project is dismantled, no construction waste will be generated and the original living environment will not be damaged. Recyclable, zero loss transition, reduce environmental pressure.